Easing the management of OpenCRG® data is one of the key aspects of this project. Therefore, a whole series of tools is being made available through this website. This collection will be extended frequently in the near future.

Tools are available for

  • Reader/Writer
  • Checker
  • Cutter
  • Data Display
  • etc.

  • ANSI-C:
  • Reader
  • Evaluators (reference line, elevation)
  • This C-tool suite consists of a base library and some sample applications. The library contains methods like:

        int crgEvalxy2uv( int cpId, double x, double y, double* u, double* v );
        int crgEvaluv2xy( int cpId, double u, double v, double* x, double* y );
        int crgEvaluv2z( int cpId, double u, double v, double* z );
        int crgEvalxy2z( int cpId, double x, double y, double* z );
        int crgEvaluv2pk( int cpId, double x, double y, double* phi, double* curv );

    Sample applications are provided for the reader, the reference line and the z, direction and curvature evaluators.

    NOTE: Compiling the ANSI-C routines already works well under Linux® and MS-Windows®. For compatibility with other (make-) systems, a compilation script is provided. The C-tools are still considered beta releases!


    All tools are provided free-of-charge and may be used virtually without restrictions acccording to our license policy. The tools are complemented by a growing series of sample data sets. All tools and corresponding data may be retrieved via the download section of this website.


    On this website, we provide a series of OpenCRG® sample file which are intended to represent all features of the latest format specification and tool releases (see Downloads section).

    All samples may be used within the restrictions of the OpenCRG® license policy.